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We all love stories--and they do far more than entertain or amuse us. The characters we relate to most (as individuals or as a collective) are a mirror of our best, most energized and most effective selves. Narrative intelligence methods and tools unlock these core motivational patterns and unleash their power to significantly improve leadership development, team effectiveness, culture building and branding initiatives.

What is Narrative Intelligence?

A Game Changer.

Narrative intelligence is the ability to recognize and respond to patterns of meaning and motivation within and around us. It’s a game changer for professionals who develop this innate ability and learn how to leverage the dynamics that most affect individual and group identity, resilience, creativity, productivity, effectiveness and impact on others.

Name, claim and unlock core motivational power

Who are you and what motivates you most?

Story typing is a framework and coaching method that brings the the power of narrative intelligence to life. By identifying which one of 12 universally known characters is most like them, coaches and their clients use story typing to recognize the motivating strengths and values most likely to enhance their potential, performance, fulfillment and contribution.

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*Based on Dr. Carol S. Pearson’s breakthrough 12 archetype motivation model

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