Narrative Intelligence Coaching

Name, claim and unlock your motivational power

What STORY TYPE are you?

Creator • Caregiver • Ruler • Hero • Revolutionary • Magician Jester • Everyperson • Lover • Innocent • Explorer • Sage

Instantly access and activate an empowering story type

Narrative intelligence coaching with trained practitioners is a game-changer for you and your team. In the hands of trained practitioners, this powerful framework and tool helps individuals, teams and entire organizations see and leverage their strongest motivations.

Ask us about the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey (SVSS)-and find out how story typing can help you lead, engage and communicate more successfully than ever.


Cindy Atlee
Partner/The Storybranding Group

Coach / Speaker / Trainer / Facilitator / Consultant

  • Story types: Creator, Magician, Lover, Innocent
  • Style: Imaginative, intuitive, enthusiastic, positive
  • Storyline: Helping clients understand and express who they are in more motivating, inspiring, authentic and engaging ways
  • Claims to fame: Co-developer, Professional, Strengths Values & Story Survey; ICF-approved to train coaches in SVSS and narrative intelligence
  • Areas of expertise: Leadership & career development; transitions; professional identity & voice; organizational branding; team & culture building; communications; employee engagement
  • Previous roles: Senior VP, Branding & Organizational Culture/ Porter Novelli; Senior Fellow, UMD Academy of Leadership
Friderike Butler Headshot

Friderike Butler PCC
CEO/Butler Communication

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer / Consultant

  • Story types: Creator, Magician, Lover, Sage
  • Style: Intuitive, visionary, inspiring, pragmatic
  • Storyline: Releasing hidden potential in people and organizations to create a better future for everyone
  • Claims to fame: Creator of SOAR Leading to Growth leadership development program for emerging and transitioning leaders
  • Areas of expertise: Executive coaching, leadership development at any level of an organization; team & culture transformation; change management
  • Previous roles: General Manager of American division of German luxury cruise line; HR director at IT firm; CEO of language service provider

Mimi Darmstadter PCC
Owner/My Life’s Work – Coaching & Consulting LLC

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer

  • Story types: Caregiver, Magician, Lover, Sage
  • Style: Imaginative, visionary, connector, passionate, curious
  • Storyline: Helping bring work to life
  • Claims to fame: Award-winning fiction writer, leader in human resources industry
  • Areas of expertise: Leadership & career development coaching and programming; workforce engagement and motivation: interpersonal relationship building
  • Previous roles: Senior Manager, Training and Development, Covance, Inc.

Kristi Dooley PCC
President/True Purpose Leadership

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer

  • Story types: Caregiver, Hero, Magician, Lover
  • Style: Supportive, empathetic, intuitive, positive, disciplined
  • Storyline: Helping clients access and bring more of their best self into their work and lives to become more effective, successful, and inspiring
  • Claims to fame: Helping dysfunctional teams develop trusting, productive relationships; specializing in local government/ public sector
  • Areas of expertise: Leadership & executive coaching/training; organizational development; team building; culture change/ management
  • Previous roles: Internal OD Consultant, Fairfax County government; Employee Relations Manager, Barnett Banks, Inc.

Sara Karlen (Lacombe)
Founder/Minding the Gap Coaching

Coach / Consultant / Facilitator / Speaker

  • Story types: Creator, Magician, Lover, Explorer
  • Style: Sherpa, Innovative, visionary, intuitive, passionate, balanced
  • Storyline: Working with individuals and organizations who want to be more
  • Claims to fame: Two book dedications, Harvard Business Review article, and Harvard Business School case study
  • Areas of expertise: Leadership & career development; transition; shifting experts to influencers; designing talent portfolios and strategies
  • Previous roles: Chief Culture Officer; Director, Human Capital across Fortune 500 and privately owned organizations

Dede O’Donnell
President, Rodeo Enterprises

Coach / Consultant / Facilitator

  • Story types: Jester, Ruler, Hero, Sage
  • Style: Joyful, resilient, determined, curious
  • Storyline: Helping clients find their footing in different roles, effectively balancing business objectives while achieving personal development goals.
  • Claims to fame: Encouraging clients to be bold, lean into their roles, and adapt to change with confidence and clarity.
  • Areas of expertise: Leadership coaching; transitions coaching; HR consulting; strategic thinking; leadership development; succession planning, team building; communications
  • Previous roles: Senior Vice President, Total Rewards; Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Dana Theus
President & CEO, InPower Coaching/InPower Women

Executive Coach / Leadership Consultant / Facilitator

  • Story types: Magician, Explorer, Creator, Lover
  • Style: Intuitive, future-focused, grounded, compassionate
  • Storyline: Helping souls activate their highest potential and helping organizations activate higher potential in their employees.
  • Claims to fame: Thought leader on authentic feminine leadership as publisher of; creator of 150+ video/workbooks on leadership, change management and career transition; former Executive Leaders Radio host.
  • Areas of expertise: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Corporate Culture Consulting, Change Management & Soft-Skills Training, Executive Team Development, Executive Meeting Facilitation
  • Previous roles: Branding & Identity Consultant, Product Development & Launch Leader, Vice President of Marketing, Director of Product Management, International Government Affairs Specialist

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