Narrative Intelligence Coaching

Name, claim and unlock your motivational power

What STORY TYPE are you?

Creator • Caregiver • Ruler • Hero • Revolutionary • Magician Jester • Everyperson • Lover • Innocent • Explorer • Sage

Instantly access and activate an empowering story type

Narrative intelligence coaching with trained practitioners is a game-changer for you and your team. In the hands of trained practitioners, this powerful framework and tool helps individuals, teams and entire organizations see and leverage their strongest motivations.

Ask us about the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey (SVSS)-and find out how story typing can help you lead, engage and communicate more successfully than ever.


Cindy Atlee
Partner/The Storybranding Group

Coach / Speaker / Trainer / Facilitator / Consultant

Friderike Butler Headshot

Friderike Butler PCC
CEO/Butler Communication

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer / Consultant


Mimi Darmstadter PCC
Owner/My Life’s Work – Coaching & Consulting LLC

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer


Kristi Dooley PCC
President/True Purpose Leadership

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer


Sara Karlen (Lacombe)
Founder/Minding the Gap Coaching

Coach / Consultant / Facilitator / Speaker


Dede O’Donnell
President, Rodeo Enterprises

Coach / Consultant / Facilitator


Dana Theus
President & CEO, InPower Coaching/InPower Women

Executive Coach / Leadership Consultant / Facilitator

What will Narrative Intelligence Coaching change for you?